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        The forerunner to Vidhi Law Office founded in 2001 by Peter Johnson an Australian lawyer now based in Bali, to assist clients with existing and new businesses and land acquisitions, assisting in setting up those businesses and in dealing with the varied problems encountered in Indonesia in general with business and land acquisition. We use Indonesian Lawyers who are experienced in those matters with an Australian trained lawyer assisting.

        We moved to our modern new premises in 2007 so we can further extend our capacity to deliver first class services to all our clients. These modern premises are equipped with the latest technology to help make Vidhi Law Office one of Indonesia’s leading legal firms.

        The Vidhi is a Sanskrit word meaning ”Law” or “Rule”. We believe that as the leading law firm in Bali we should identify with Bali and its culture hence the new name of Vidhi Law Office.

        Our legal team remains the same and looks forward to assisting our clients.

        We believe we are the ones who are able to give you complete legal services with licensed lawyers in Bali and Indonesia.

        Vidhi Law Office

        Main office

        Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 2001
        Simpang Dewa Ruci
        Kuta, Bali 80361 – Indonesia

        Contact Us

        Phone. (62) 361 759 722
        Fax. (62) 361 759 605
        Mobile :
        (62) 89 831 11009
        (62) 89 831 11010

        Email: info@

        Office Hours

        Monday - Friday: 9am - 17pm
        Saturday : 9am - 14pm

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